The Reverse Note Taking App

Sometimes, you just need to vent to get it out, move on, and feel better. Enter black hole. The reverse note taking app where everything you type automatically gets dumped in the trash. Research shows writing things down helps your brain move past the thought and onto bigger and brighter things. Don’t let the fear of other people reading what you write stop you from reaping these benefits! Driver cut you off? Frustrated with the hour long wait time at a restaurant? Type out your response, hit submit, and it’s absorbed into the black hole so you can move on with your life.

Create an account and start ranting! You can choose to send your rant directly to the blackhole or keep your rant in orbit for up to 7 days. See how satisfying it feels to get your anger out and watch it get sucked up into the blackhole. Our mission is to create an application that relieves stress and prevents people from saying something to someone they may regret later on. So go ahead and send your burdens to the Blackhole!

Features available in our next update:

  • - Rant Reports: weekly stats showing how often you're ranting.
  • - Rant with Strangers: Connect with other people using Blackhole and view their messages in your orbit
  • - Themes: Be able to choose between the default (purple) and Super Nova Theme (firey orange gradient).